Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Day- Maceondian style!

Thanksgiving in another country is always interesting. Don’t believe me? Check out my last Thanksgiving abroad! If you really want Turkey it is often hard to find in other countries. It is even harder if you don’t eat turkey but want some delicious Tofurkey! However, with a little work you get some pretty awesome memories.

As stated before, Jen was already here. So when we work up on Thanksgiving morning, we started cooking. Did you know how hard it is to make stuffing by hand? Well, if you had pre-made breadcrumbs it might go a whole lot easier. Or a fork or blunt object to break the bread (as a note, you shouldn’t use your vitamin c tablets- they will break). But you can always have fun with your new apple corer.

Then Angie and Aidan picked us up at about 12. We then got a tour of their house and decided to play some games with Aidan and Eliana. We played matching game that uses two pieces of a plastic animal like memory. As well as snakes and ladders.

And did I mention MICROWAVE popcorn?

We even found the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on live stream via earthcam.com. The kids were super interested!

When Lizzie and Justin finally arrived, we immediately sat down for dinner. Yummy yummy dinner!


Then Naum came over later and we just sat and talked. Also, Daniel’s landlady and her daughter came up for some dinner.

All in all it was a pretty good Thanksgiving. I felt much more connected this time than I have the last few years. I think it was the sense of family that enveloped us as soon as we entered Daniel and Angie’s house. The friendship that they are willing to share with us is amazing. As Jen says- IIE  (the people who run Fulbright) are like a friend dating service- they hook you up and make you tons of friends- all over the world!

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