Monday, November 28, 2011

SEEU Celebration

On Saturday 11/19, I went to the 10th anniversary celebration at South East European University . They opened in 2001 as an Albanian based university. They invited lots of important people- the Norwegian Ambassador, US Embassy staff (someone we had never seen), other Ambassadors, etc. (We were prolly on the news, but I didn’t think to turn it on at night to try to see.) After the talking part there was an unveiling of a statue and a huge cocktail party.
When they were talking it was switching between Macedonian, Albanian, English and Latin (yup-Latin, they made a presentation in Latin).  It was fun to try to follow the languages and try to (1) figure out What language they were speaking and (2) what they were then saying. If I lived here longer I would have to learn Albanian. I might try to find a class anyway- hey I have the time! I will have to look into that. Any way- onto the pictures of the event that you would rather see!

Look at all of the "certificates of appriciation" they had to hand out!

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