Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Busy Wednesday

On Wednesday I had to be back in Skopje to meet with the cop who would be registering me until we got our lechna kartas (residency cards allowing us to stay longer than 90 days out of 180 days). Turns out we got them the next day.

Then I rushed over to the International Women’s Association meeting to hear about upcoming events. Lots of cool things coming up, that I will tell you about when I go to them. I decided I wanted to go out to lunch with the IWA girls, just to try to help create those relationships better. We went to this little restaurant that you wouldn’t know was there, unless you knew it was there. They were kinda expensive, but good if you were looking for different foods-mostly meat, but I decided to get pizza.

After lunch I stopped at the Institute to discuss my options for continuing to work with them. We agreed that I should not take classes, but I could get all of the materials and if I needed to, try to find the professors and talk with them about the material. Better than most options they give me, and more support than they have ever offered. I even got one set of material right then that they had from last year. I stayed there until they shut down at 4pm (I know- weird hours) and went to the American Corner for Conversation Hour and to continue working on my research. But I failed at that, I just read a book to relax.

Conversation hour was the best I had. People actually talked without prompting! There had been a suggestion about survival games- like if you were in a plane crash in Northern Canada in the winter, how would you survive with only what you had in the cabin of the plane? We did discuss this! We would have survived pretty decently according to the survival expert that provided grades for it. Did you know that cigarette lighters produce sparks even without liquid? We used this site if you want to try your survival skills.

Afterwards, Nevenka and I went to hot chocolate and this cool little place with Daniel. I got this delicious “Twin” hot chocolate with dark and white chocolate with whipped cream.

Then I was invited out by a friend of a friend who lives here in Skopje- Alexandra. She and her friends were going out for a drink at this English Pub. I grabbed a yummy sandwich and varneo vino. We talked for about 2 hours before I needed to head home for an early morning bus for research.

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