Sunday, December 4, 2011

Settling into a Routine (kinda)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I presented at the second English class at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It would have been on Wednesday, but Wednesday was declared Tree Day. No really there was a national holiday for a tree. Well technically 2.2 million trees, but still. Apparently back in (a few years ago) the decided to take a day to go plant 2.2 million trees in one day to represent the people of Macedonia. And now they do it about twice a year. We want to participate next spring. So classes were rescheduled to SATURDAY!!!! Icky!

After the class we went out to meet a former Fulbrighter to America, Mira, at this little cozy cafe. Turns out the cafe was reserved, but we decided to go to Ginos. Where we had yummy lunch with dessert and just talked. It was nice. I am going to talk at one of her classes in a few weeks.

I also started volunteering at my NGO. They are a lot of fun, and more will be posted on my research blog.

On Tuesday morning (at 1am) I was supposed to have a TFA meeting, but failed to set my alarm correctly. So instead of waking up 12:30 am, I woke up at 3:54 am. YIKES!!!!! I immediately emailed the person running the meeting profusely apologizing for my unprofessionalness. He emailed me back said he like my dedication for trying to wake up then and that "we would get along". Phew!

On Wednesday, I met with Naum to just chit chat and for him to give me some contacts and suggestions for dealing with cultural differences, since he is from MK originally. It was a great talk! And he helped me understand so much.

Later that day, Daniel (other Fulbrighter in Skopje) is starting a class at the American Corner about American Political Thought that will run about once a week that I decided to sit in on. We actually have homework. lol

Thursday deserves it's own special post, so check back later.

On Saturday, I helped out at the International Women's Association Christmas Bazaar. They raised about 400 Euros to donate to their charities. But they had a craft fair, bake sale, and kids bouncy house area. It was a lot of fun- and I won a free night at Casa la Kola for entering the raffle. Lots of fun expectations ahead!

Then I came over to Tetovo to hang with Jen and go to Ohrid with Vesna. See separate post coming later!

See you around the globe!

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