Saturday, November 26, 2011

A busy week...(technically last week)

Like life normally goes- I have a fairly boring schedule of nothing followed by more nothing. Then SUDDENLY life is crazy and I have so much stuff to do! This week I had a conference with one of my NGOs (Florozon), started Aqua Aerobics, talked at a school for English experience, and had Thanksgiving so far!

Florozon was hosting a workshop about cooperation with the state and NGOs on environmental matters. So I attended one day fully and most of the second day. I met a lot of new people to try to go interview, as well as saw some important people- Deputy Ombudsman of the Environment and so. I was more than likely on the evening news as a crowd shot- but I couldn’t find anything online to show you proof.

On Tuesday, I went to talk to a class about US Science education, then some of the differences between the US and Macedonia. The class was from 12-1:45 usually, and I talked for most of it! My throat was so sore afterwards- but I think the college students enjoyed it. I was able to get some of them talking back a little, but they aren’t so sure about the whole speaking English thing. Jen came with me to the class- she was going to come over on Wed, but she woke up without internet or co-workers or students because it was Albanian Alphabet Day! No you read that correctly. Apparently, they (random people) back in 1908 educated people decided to condense the 6 different versions currently in use plus many sub-dialects and they wanted to have one official alphabet. And now, they celebrate it as a National holiday for Albanians. Even the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia can celebrate it. However- when I asked an Albanian what it was about (before I looked it up to summarize to you all)- and she says that she has no idea, but they celebrate it because they can.

After the class, we went shopping for some Thanksgiving Day fixings. And lunch. Delicious delicious lunch at Gustos. We had rockfort cheese dip with bread, I had veggie lasagna while Jen had calamari pasta. So yummy!

On Wednesday, we went shopping with Anjie and Daniel at the market and Vero for more fixings. And we had to go to Ramstore (again). But we stopped at McDonalds before hand because we had some coupons. We got broccoli cheese nuggets and French fries and soda. Oh and by the way McDonalds has VEGGIE BURGERS over here! Here- in Macedonia- where Macedonians don’t really understand and in the US you can’t get that in the states? WHY McDonalds?? Why?

 Then it was Thanksgiving! (See seperate post)

See you around the globe!

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Anonymous said...

I really like that I spent my two years in Macedonia NEVER going to the McDonald's in Skopje because I knew there would be nothing there for me to eat - and then, a month before leaving the country, found out they have veggie burgers. Makes no sense to me either, but I really wish they would do that in the States.