Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Was rather boring for me because I got sick. As in, waking up on Friday to get ready to go to my meeting and could barely get dressed sick. Obviously I cancelled my meeting, and went back to bed.
And that is about all I did this weekend: sleep and try to recover because I am going to Croatia on Wednesday and wanted to be better.

Finally woke up rested on Monday, only to find the sinus junk had moved to a coughing junk, but still manageable. Will continue pushing vitamin C and zine (4,000mg vitamin C and 50mg of zinc per day when you feel a cold coming on, and the continue. This is to boost your immune system, thanks to a Dr's recipe!).

I had a meeting with another NGO, National Council for Gender Equality, at 1pm. They were nice, but super rushed!
The American Corner Halloween party was actually on Halloween! I helped out by reading stories to the children and trying not to get other people sick. I thought that it would be littler kids (under the age of 8, max 9, so I tried to find non-scary Halloween-ish stories only to find out when I got there and the kids started arriving that it was up to 12 or 13 almost (by the looks of the kids). So my scary stories were not too scary. I retold Hansel & Gretal (very poorly I might add), and a few urban legends. They were not impressed, but looked like they were having fun.

Then they went off to either pin-the-nose-on-the-pumpkin, play Halloween BINGO, or make a paper-plate Pumpkin. I wandered about mostly taking pictures and talking to the parents or the random American couple that wandered in. But the kids looked like they were having fun!

After they all left, the workers posed together. The girls are all members of a club here called Club GLOW, sponsored by the Peace Corps and their answer to the lack of scouting in this country as far as I can tell.

Upstairs at the American Corner, where I had never been before, there was a map of American Higher Education Institutions:

The AWESOME part? The Jupiter branch of FAU is on there. As is my granny's small Iowa town college, as well as a college near my home town! I tried to get a better picture, but to no avail! :(

Then it was home to literally collapse on the couch before cooking dinner.

And no Halloween post is complete with out a shout out to my favorite Halloween Birthday Girl, and future Junior Bridesmaid: Aubrey! I hope your Halloween festivities and birthday presents turned out as cool as you expected when I got to talk with you on the phone! You rock! :)

See you around the globe!

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