Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Off to...

Croatia, this time!
I will be in Croatia from Nov 2-Nov 6. Jen and Lizzie have a Fulbright English teacher training thing and I decided to tag along! How often to do you get to fly to Croatia for only $280?! Not often enough I decided!

In addition, while they are at training, I will go down the coast to Zadar, where Erin is currently staying. Once we get into Zagreb (where we fly into and capital of Croatia), we will take a bus to the bus station where we will separate. I will hop a bus to Zadar, and Jen* will walk to the hotel where the training is taking place at.

On Friday, I will hop on a bus back from Zadar to Zagreb. Then Jen and I will explore Zagreb Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday before catching a flight back to Skopje Sunday evening.

Any requests? Or suggestions on what to do?

*Lizzie went to Ohrid last weekend and got food poisoning, so she will be unable to make the trip, so now it is just Jen and I. Hope you get better soon Lizzie! And that it is only food poisoning.

Also- in case you don't know where Croatia is. Zagreb and Zadar are circled in green.
See you around the globe!

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