Wednesday, October 29, 2014

C-56 Submarine!

One day after class Svetlana/SRAS took us to see the C-56 submarine. It was used in WW1 and theen retired.

It is a must go if you like military history, however, be prepared to not understand anything if you don't speak Russian.

Still fun to explore!

We HAD to pose with Stalin!

I was too tall for the bed!

See you around the globe!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Botanical Garden Exploration!

Svetlana, the woman who works in the international office and is wonderful and helps us with everything, invited me to go to the Botanical Garden with her and a few of her friends.

I figured Russians + pretty fall colors = photo session! And I was glad I guess that, because that was exactly what this was!

It is easy to get to the botanical garden, all you need it to take a bus and it drops you off right outside. Cost 100 RUB to get in.

But regardless, it was super fun to walk around and see all the pretty flowers, I won't over load you here, but you can check out Travel By Cassidy's FB page for more pictures!

I got in on some of the photo action!

This little girl watched us take pictures on the steps, then told her mom she wanted pictures on the step. 
See you around the globe!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Close of Biker Season 2014"

SO there is this thing here called "Close of Biker Season Day."

1) There is a biker season? (Y'all I grew up in FL, if you want to ride your bike in January, you ride your bike in January

2) The commemorate the close of a "season"?

3) bikers in Russia?

4) why not?

Ok, let's go!

I met up with Elena again and we went to "Close of Biker Season 2014" which she had never been to.

It was interesting to say the least. A BUNCH of bikes all lined up, and people just walking around

TOUCHING THE BIKES. Touching OTHER bikers bikes. Sitting their children on the bikes.

If you know anything about American biker culture, you will understand how utterly confused I was about this. Elena stated that at a show like this, why wouldn't you be able to touch the bikes? (To avoid getting your hand broken?) Apparently that isn't a thing in Russia. So now you know!

We also saw a biker wedding. I wondered (1) how she wasn't cold and (2) how did she ride the bike in that dress?

Afterward we went to Cinnamon Cafe where I had pizza. Now this was close to regular pizza, but still wasn't "pizza."
See you around the globe!