About Me

I graduated from Florida Atlantic University Honors College with a Bachelors of Arts in May 2011. {Major: Liberal Arts & Sciences. Concentration: International Studies. Minor: History.} As part of that degree, I wrote my thesis on the European Union and Macedonia. It was titled "What's In A Name? European Union Foreign Policy Through the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."

In May 2011, I was granted Fulbright US Student Fellowship to study in Skopje, Macedonia. I lived in Macedonia from September 2011-June 2012 completing research and being a citizen diplomat for America. I was studying non-governmental organizations and how they work with the government (see “Research” Page for more information).

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Kentucky Patterson School studying diplomacy. I will graduate in December 2014 with a Masters of Arts in Diplomacy and International Commerce with a concentration of Diplomacy.

From June 2014-December 2014, I will be on  National Security Education Program Boren Fellowship in Russia where my goal will be to learn the Russian language and be a citizen diplomat. 

I love pets, scrap-booking, reading, and cooking. I live with my husband and cat.