Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zadar to Zagreb

Woke up kinda early to catch a bus to Zagreb and finished packing. I decided to walk to the bus station now that I knew where everything was, and it seemed to be about the same distance as the Old Town (it was, but a bit more decent walk with luggage).  After accidentally going to the train station (they were right next to each other, and I had never seen the front of the bus station. I got my ticket and breakfast (marmalade filled doughnut). I found the bus with about 10 minutes to spare- plenty of time! This bus ride took about 3 hours and we went straight to Zagreb, no side stops this time. Once there, I caught a tram like Jen did, but couldn’t get off at the right stop, because I couldn’t see the hotel. So I went to the next stop and got off, then walked back to the hotel. It was obvious, if you had been standing next to window looking up. It wasn’t that far, and was kinda nice to walk after the bus ride. Jen had left a key card for me at the front desk, so I picked it up and went to the room. It was an interesting windy turny hotel with two sets of stairs after you got off the elevator to get to the room on the same floor. I had just got online to let people know that I had arrived, when Jen walked in. There was a Fulbright lunch that I got to attend (and eat at). It was pretty good too! A 3-course meal with veggie noodle soup, gnocchi/carrot/cauliflower main meal with salad, and lemon cake dessert.

Jen and I, with three other ETAs (English teaching assistants, in case you forgot) went to buy our tickets for the ballet that we were going to attend that night! We were able to get our tickets (after a bit of confusion about where to actually buy the tickets). Then we decided to hit up H&M (in case you don’t know this store, it is usually pretty awesome!), to try to do some shopping in a country that is a little better off than the ones that we are living in. I didn’t find anything, and it was the most expensive H&M that I have ever been in! Even their sale items were expensive! So I couldn’t justify getting anything that I didn’t really need. We then we back to the hotel to grab our coats and drop of their purchases!

Then it was to Nova, a vegetarian restaurant in Zagreb that had great reviews. It was REALLY REALLY expensive. I got one of the cheapest things on the menu and it cost $10! But it was good. It was a bean soup with tofu seitan and bread. The serving size was pretty big too. After dinner, we headed straight to the ballet. It was called “Tišina mog šuma” or “The Silence of my Murmur. It was critically acclaimed. It would have been much easier to understand if we had spoken Croatian. It was a very modern ballet, but was still beautiful. This is a pretty good representation of the ballet, taken from youtube:

It only lasted one hour though! We decided to go for coffee and dessert to kill some more time. I got yummy chocolate mousee! Then back to the hotel to crash for our next busy day tomorrow! :)

See you around the globe!

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