Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zagreb to Skopje!

I woke up pretty relaxed with no alarm and just started watching TV until Jen woke up (she stayed up late watching football). We then went to the store to buy breakfast but ended up shopping for stuff we couldn’t get in Skopje (I only got Mexican/Chili beans to mix in my chili I will attempt to make in Skopje and Tabasco for Lizzie). Then we just wandered and saw:

Sadly the botanical garden was closed for the winter, but it was still beautiful from the outside. Then we headed to lunch at Ivica and Marica (Hansel & Gretal) restaurant. It was so good! I Had pumpkin soup, spinach and cheese ravioli, and gingerbread cake. It was a really fancy place. Jen had Slovenian steak and salad and baklava. Then we wandered back through the city to the hostel where we relaxed until we went to the airport.

We left the hostel, caught a tram to the bus station, bus to the airport, bus to the plane, plane to Skopje, taxi to the apartment. Funny story about the airport. We checked in and were able to sit together, then we tried to go through security. But security was closed. As in the guards were sitting behind the closed ropes watching TV. And they stayed closed until about 40 minutes before the flight left. And the Duty Free Shops behind security were closed until about 20 minutes before the flight was supposed to take off. We did get the most expensive hot chocolate and bottle of water ever. Before we went back into security, we met and talked to this nice Croatian guy who lives just outside of Zagreb. He was offering his seat to Jen while we waited. We discussed visiting Zagreb and Zadar and how life in Macedonia was. He was going to a conference in Zadar about science things.- we split when Jen and I had to go through passport control.

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