Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fulbright to Macedonia!

Where? I'm sure that is the first question in your head as you read the title- "Where the heck is Macedonia?" Well, Macedonia is just north of Greese and to the west of Bulgaria. Or rather here:

See isn't that easier?

Well, I applied back in November, but the way that Fulbright works is that your application goes on to a National Screening Committee, who forwards a few applications to the US Embassy in country. The Embassy then decides who to offer a Fulbright to.

I have made it pass the first step to have my application sent to the US Embassy in Macedonia! This is a great honor, because as far as the lady in the study abroad office knows, this is the first time that an FAU student has gotten this far! However, I am one of two this year, so we share that prize. :)

I am super excited and can't wait until May 14, which is when we are supposed to get notified of our principle of alternate candidatee status.

See you around the globe!