Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The week so far!

So, my updates will get fewer and further between unless I do something exciting. I will do some “this is what my daily life” is post, but mainly I seem to be sitting at home, going out for ice cream, reading some books or networking.
On Monday (9/12) I went and showed Lizzie (ETA Bitola) around with Erin and we ate at this little famous Inn, which and super overpriced food and not that yummy either. I wouldn’t go. The waiter was nice, but food not so good.
Then we hung out and watch awful wonderful Indian soap operas with the most amazing video shots ever! *close up of one guy* *close up of a girl* *back to guy**back to girl* all with rising music!

We went to watch the EuroBasket game against Russia. Macedonia lost after they added more seconds back after a foul by Macedonia. How this was a foul- I do NOT know! Russian guy throws ball in Macedonian guys face, w/o Macedonian guy moving into the way of the ball….Macedonia gets the fault.

On Tuesday I went to Euro Balkan Institute to meet with them and see what I will be doing.

And my project changed for the first time.

I was lead to believe that classes were in English, but they are only in Macedonian.

However, they have a huge library that has lots of cool books! And they are trying to help me make some connections.

So excited.

The institute is in house- basement, ground floor, second floor, third floor. The library is in the basement with the kitchen and one office. The ground floor has the main office, the main classroom, and an office. The second floor has 3 offices: the head of postgrad work, other office (where I will be working!) and another office! The top floor has the director’s office as well as another classroom.

Pics will come soon, I promise!

Then Erin and I met Lizzie downtown and went to the Contemporary Art Museum. It was interesting, but I’m not a HUGE fan of contemporary art- but some of it was interesting.

 Try reading THAT quickly

 Looking towards Kale at the Art Museum

On our way back we stopped for “боза со боронизса“ (boza so broznitza) or (boza) with blueberries. Yummy!!! My new favorite drink! It is a fermented malt drink made from corn or wheat or millet. Has a thick consistency and low alcohol content. But is so yummy!

Then we went to Amigos- “the only Mexican place in town.” With a tag line like that, what else do you need?

It was actually pretty good. I had nachos- with cheese, beans, sour cream, corn, and peas. I thought it also had rice, but no such luck. It was also filling. Although I had to argue with the waiter to not add more cheese to it because it would be “cold” and I shouldn’t eat it “cold” (even though it was almost 100 outside and very humid. And it was served with hot cheese like I ordered….but I digress.

Wednesday I was supposed to go back to Euro Balkan, but Daniel’s wife Anjie reminded me that the International Women’s Association ofSkopje was having their first meeting of the year. They are a non0profit that essentially is a social women’s network. They offer coffee hour/meetings, plus dinners and other ways of connecting with other women. And for only ~$45 I can join. I think it is a good investment, and will hopefully enjoy this community of women.

There is even a vegetarian potluck dinner every month!

I was going to try to go back to Euro Balkan to meet up with them to go to a book promotion, but I forgot where it was and wouldn’t have made it to the institute before they had to leave! And then when I got back to the apartment, it was already ½ way over, so…

The rest of the day was spent looking at research online and contacting other NGOs in the Skopje area that deal with women’s rights.

We are also going to watch the Macedonia-Lithuania basketball game tonight just here at home. They are in the ¼ finals and have only lost once! They were the underdogs and not expected to get that far- so super excited for them!

From the contemporary Art museum we could see the US emabassy:

Also, you know you are not supposed to sit down here to go to the bathroom (nor is it expected) when you see this:

See you around the globe!

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