Friday, September 16, 2011

The (3rd to last) Major Basketball Game!

I left off with "we were going to watch the basketball game:

They won the basketball game! And made it to the Semi-Finals of the Euro Basket.

And the celebration started!

We heard a bit of it and decided to go out and see what it was all about.

People were more excited than on independence day! No joke. Car horns honking, random fireworks (both professional and individual), big chanting sports songs, people driving with flags, police just standing around while pedestrians literally stopped traffic on a major through fare, bus drivers who just waited for  the crowd to die down rather than drive through it, mini parades of high-school and college age students, grandma’s yelling and dancing, and the Foreign Minister pausing for pictures.

We stood around in the square and just joined in the celebration for a bit! Then it was ice cream and off to hang out with some other friends at a bar in the Old Town.

 Then sleep. Lots of sleep.

See you around the globe!

P.S- the reason it was so important is that it was an Olympic qualifying game for London 2012. So if they win the game tonight, they WILL be going to the Olympics! Here's to hoping!

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