Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Two: Rila Monastery

The next day, Megan (pronounced Mee-gan) and I, a girl I met on the Free Sofia Tour, went to Rila Monastery with two other people from her hostel. The Rila Monastery is the most famous monastery. St. Ivan Rilski founded it after sleeping out in the open and living a life of a hermit. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

There is a church in the center and a small museum. The museum was super expensive for what they have, but still nice. The wood work in the crosses was super extensive. Like very detailed down to the features of the people which are about 1/8 of an inch.


Then we drove up to the founder’s grave which was up this:


No joke. Not fun. I was so afraid I would trip and fall or injure myself! You know me so the possibility was there.

Once we got up to the top there was a little church with fresco being repaired on the inside so we couldn't go in. there was also a furious little guard dog (aka chihuahua) waiting for mommy and daddy. And then climbed through this:


The story goes, if you are a sinner you will not be able to make it through that hole. {I made it (note it wasn’t that tight)}. Then we stopped to listen to two monks chant for about a ½ hour. Then continued our downward track. 

Proof that I actually did it and didn't just send the camera up. lol

On the way home we stopped at this “museum” that has just collected ‘junk/collectibles’ from throughout Bulgaria’s history. It has things from cars and motorcycles to mortar tablets to communist signs. It wants to preserve the material and cultural heritage of Bulgaria!
 super famous car I'm told
 Lenin was watching over the trash pile.

When we got back to Sofia Megan and I went out to this Bulgarian restaurant that serves recipes from monasteries.  The food was good, but way too filling and Bulgarian’s don’t seem to believe in take home.

Then it back to the hostel to relax and plan out the rest of my trip here!

oh and how can I forget the delicious cheap donuts?
See you around the globe!

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