Monday, September 26, 2011

Earthquakes and Ambassadorial Receptions

Another earthquake today! See here, because the US geological society fails. This is turning into a pattern. This one was only a 2.7 but felt a lot worse than the other one because it was only 3 km east of Skopje. It was only one jerk however, so nothing too bad.

I also attended a reception for the Ambassador at the DCM (2nd in command) house. We got to meet him again and his wife (which I had already met at the IWA meeting). And a bunch of other people who are important in some way or another but who's names escape me. A director of an international school, former Fulbrights to the US, dean of some university, etc.

This is the only picture I have, but the house looked awesome!
Jen, me, Vesna
 (works at Jen's university and was super nice enough to drive us!)

See you around the globe!

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