Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rental agreements and Vero!

Erin and I went to get our rental agreements notarized today. Something I will need to be allowed to stay in the country longer than 90 days out of every 180.

Then we went to Vero Supercenter. It is just another grocery store in a mall. But is more in the Wal-mart we have (almost) everything style.

The weird part is that they built it with a café/food court above the shopping center. So you can have your coffee and watch people shop- or, as it was explained to me, your husband can watch you shop while having his coffee. However, it would be kinda weird to be shopping for feminine hygiene products while guys stare at you. And that aisle is exactly under the biggest café. So a little weird, but luckily no one was actually watching people shop.

Note the fake grass on top of the dairy asile.  

Note the cafe for watching people...

We wandered around the store and found some items we can’t find elsewhere:

-Tofu!!!! I know seriously! It is AWESOME!
-Nacho cheese, tortilla chips, Mexican rice, taco shells, taco seasoning
-Vegetable bouillon (I know- weird, the other store doesn’t have it)
-Sweet stuff layers- like in desserts
-Sun dried tomatoes (does anyone know the difference between the dried ones and the ones in oil?
-Sip-lock baggies (no people here don’t seem to use them, it must be a part of the lack of microwave culture as well- another thing I am having trouble getting used to. I usually cook big meals and microwave them for the week- now  I have to cook every day, very time consuming.)

And there was other stuff, but we only got that stuff. But it is nice to know that we can go here and get some stuff that is nice and reminds me of home.

So it is pretty nice. However, I have a little bit of a sore throat and head cold. So not so nice. I went and got tea and throat lozenges today. And ice cream- it seems to help. (what? I’m claiming it numbs it the throat and helps, now don’t argue with me!

And I leave you with a funny picture:

See you around the globe!

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