Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sofia Day 6

On my 6th day in Sofia I decided to check out a few of the museums I had tried before but they were closed because the front desk guy said “But it is September now.” *shrugs shoulders*

HUH? Just because it is one day later I should try it?

Well, the Ethnographic museum was open. It was cool. There was an art exhibit from the local Clothing design school:

As well as traditional clothing:

And an exhibit on the new organization that links the old and young people who want to learn the old art of bobbin sewing or tatting. I don’t quite get it, but there is a pattern and you use bobbins to sew the thread. But it was so beautiful:

Then I went to the post office to get a box to send some stuff home to the US  souvenir style stuff from Munich and Sofia. I couldn’t remember the word for box. So I ask the information desk. “Where can I buy…” And I try to make hand motions for a box. The lady looks at me, so I repeat what I’m doing and I say “I don’t know how to say this in Bulgarian” She goes, oh! And give me a number of a window inside.

There are boxes on the wall behind the window. So I tell the lady I want to buy the 90 box. (it cost 0.90 BGN) and she looks at me like I am crazy! Then I point to the wall and say I want to buy…and she hands me a calculator. Lol. So I type in 90 and she gets the box. J

Then I go back to the hostel and get the souvenir stuff, pack it up and crate a customs form in Bulgarian and English for inside the ox (and a short cut for me to write on the outside of the box). And go back to the post office. I go up to one window and ask where to go. The lady  rattles off a huge slew of Bulgarian in very aggravated tones. So I say “I’m sorry, I only know a little Bulgarian.” She rolls her eyes and walks me back to the window where I bought the box.

 The lady opens the box and goes through it. Then she stamps the box and closes it with  plastic ties. And hands me a customs form. I fill it out in Bulgarian because there was a translated list next to the how to fill this out paper. Then I go back to the box widow and she says “33.”

 Assuming this means that I need to go to window 33, I head over there and hand the box to the lady. She looks at it and starts laughing. In English she says- no this form is supposed to be in English! I laugh and she hands me a different form.

After filling it out, she takes the package and looks at it. She’s all “Oh! You are an American! Well you can only send this via stamps.” (In my head: how else would I send it…) Out loud: “That is ok!” Well it cost 16 BGN to mail it non-express to the US.

Then it was off to a late lunch/early dinner at this vegetarian restaurant that I had found a brochure at the hostel for. Cabra. They had a menu in English and I had zucchini parmesan. It was seriously a whole zucchini! And fresh squeezed lemonaid.

It was also located in the Embassy area. That was kind of cool.

As I was walking back I passed the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Foreign Art. I decided that I would go there tomorrow, since I would regret it if I didn’t go!

Relaxing and packing back at the hostel. (oh and I did laundry)

 See you around the globe!

And the required Self portrait of the day:

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