Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week After Greece...

On wed (10/12) Anjie and I went to the IWA meeting in the morning, Anjie picked me up. This time it wasn’t as helpful- not as many people or as many willing to talk and socialize as the first meeting. Like less than half of the original number. But they told us about the stuff they were planning on doing this week and are trying to get organized (Christmas Party, Shoe Shopping at a factory trip, next year’s fundraiser, dinners).  I have volunteered to try to help with the Christmas Bazarr- it seems fun! And bought a cookbook. Then it was back to the apartment to try to rest up, organize the blog and my pictures and try to contact some NGOS. I called one, who will not be mentioned, when I asked them about my email they went “Oh yes, we got it.” And then “Oh we are so sorry! We will get back to you soon.”

Face palm. Really? REALLY? You get the email and read it and see that I am just asking for an hour or two of your time to talk to you about your work! I figured you would want that.

On Thursday (10/13) I contacted Gazmend and said that I couldn’t reach any NGOs and that my institute had basically abandoned me in helping. He gave me a list of NGOs that the US Embassy has funded in the past two years, and emailed 3 NGOS directly (with me CC’d). Within 2 days I had four meetings set-up, including one on Friday (arranged on the same day! WOW!). And as an update (10/20) I have about 4 other meetings set-up and 3 of them are willing to let me volunteer! Life is sweet! I love it!

And I will be updating you on a few of the meetings that I have had and will be having!

See you around the globe!

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