Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greece Day Three

We started off by walking up towards where Daniel used to live for his LDS mission. And then we got “bugasa” which is phyllo dough and cream or cheese baked with lots of butter! And juice.

Then wandering around up on the mountain and enjoying the (sarcasm) oh so nice day (once again wet and cold). [It did later get sunny and comfy, but for some reason my sun glasses had not made it into my purse that day.] Many pictures came from this:

We found shoes for Eliana.

Caught a bus downtown and went to the White Tower. A plaque says that it was white washed by a convict as a condition for his release. And Thess was “liberated” from its rulers in 1912. Of the same agreement that tore up what is now the Republic of Macedonia and helped form the resentment that led to nationalism and establishment of the Macedonian state. But liberated is a fine word for a victor.

After visiting the Tower, we wandered over to see the Alexander of Macedon statue, but it was blocked by construction. We went to lunch at this little local restaurant and I had pasta. It was so-so. Then we caught a city cultural bus around the city. It took about one hour and only cost two Euros! I highly recommend this. But you will want to sit next to a window that opens otherwise it is very “prettily” covered by a design advertising that it is the city cultural bus.

After I took this, Aidan went "I didn't like that." Aww..

Afterwards we went back to the hotel (after stopping to get some souvenirs).  Checked to see if we could get a rental car instead of taking the bus. It turns out that you literally can’t rent a car to take out of Greece and especially NOT to Macedonia. So we decided to go catch the bus, but after stopping to get some food (Cheetos and Oreos! Which they don’t have in Macedonia- oh yea and some normal food as well). When we got there, Anje made the mistake of calling the Republic of Macedonia “Macedonia” to Aidan (who is 4 by the way) in front of the saleslady, who promptly responded “you are in Macedonia!” To which Anjie said “Oh yea, I keep forgetting!”

Then it was about a 5 hour bus ride back. Well, it was more like a 4 hour bus ride with an hour at the border to go shop-shopping  in the duty free shops. Daniel, Anje and I had some really cool conversations on the bus ride that I wish that I could reply- if only I could remember exactly what we talked about! When we got back to Skopje we caught a taxi to the center where their car was. And I walked home because I was sick of being in cars and wanted some fresh air.  Then sleep, precious precious sleep.

See you around the globe!

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