Wednesday, October 26, 2011

To Tetovo (again) with a Purpose!

On Monday (10/24) I headed to Tetovo to visit Jen and to go to an NGO there called LOJA. When I arrived we went to Evergreen, which is located at the entrance to her campus. She had a yummy sandwich and I had “vegetable soup.” It turned out to be mainly carrots and (wait for it) NEON ORANGE! But it was warm and delicious and came with bread! After lunch we went back to the dorm to drop off some stuff and then headed down to the American Corner to watch MLK Jr’s son give a talk via the internet.

On the way we stopped off at this yarn store because Jen is going to teach me to crochet! I got some bright colored yarn to learn later this night. When we made it down to the American Corner, we were told that the electricity was out and so they couldn’t show the talk! We then asked if they knew where we could find some gloves, and this boy called someone. He then proceeded to walk us to this store where they might have gloves, but they didn’t. Then we wandered through this mall type thing just to look, grabbed some milk at the store and took a taxi back to Jen’s dorm.

Once we were at the dorm, we did normal American stuff- checking emails, watching TV, learning to crochet! Once we got hungry for dinner we tried to go to Peagasus, a small restaurant that supposedly had good food across the street from the entrance to her campus. However, they were only serving about 4 items on their 5 page menu and they were all meat! So Jen ordered something and I went back to Evergreen to get a cheese pizza (and a hot chocolate while it was cooking).

Then I learned to crochet, well, basically I can only make a blanket, or a scarf, but hey- it works! Then we began to crochet and watch American TV. We had two computers up and running so we could download one show and watch another one!

See you around the globe!

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