Friday, October 28, 2011

To Prilep and to Bitla

On Thursday I paid bills and visited two different NGOS. The Macedonian Center for Media Initiative and the Skopje Red Cross. Both are willing to let me work with them in some way. The Red Cross is even willing to let me participate in their training. J Bills were fun and entertaining. I had to go to the post office twice because I forgot to mail the post cards the first time because I was so focused on paying bills.

On Friday (10/21) I was picked up like a VIP to go visit a NGO in Prilep. They were super nice and gave me lots and lots of info (even some stuff that no other NGO had even MENTIONED). They even took me out to lunch and I got traditional Macedonian food. Ajvar (roasted, crushed, baked, and dried red pepper dish) and other stuff. I wish I had felt comfortable enough to take a picture, because the first plate they brought out was all fried! Literally all fried food with a whole tomato and olives. So good, but way too much food! And then they dropped me off in Bitola to stay with Lizzie (thanks Micky- the driver who lives in Bitola works in Prilep and drove back and forth to Skopje just to pick me up).

When I was in Bitola, Lizzie and Justin took us out to this delicious restaurant where we had Macedonian Cheese (baked in garlic and butter), traditional Macedonian meat dishes, and I had Tavche Gravche (a bead dish). It was so yummy. So SO yummy! Then for dessert I had palichinki (crepes or blini) with eurocream (nutella), banana, and slag (whipped cream). We wandered back to the apartment and then just bung out until we went to bed.

The restaurant

the city center

On Saturday we (well they) woke up late and we didn’t leave the apartment until about 12ish. We went to the green market and got some fruits and veggie for dinner tonight. And we found an awesome souvenir shop! It had bumper stickers and playing cards! I was even able to get a Bitola key chain. The guy was super nice! We then went to a delicious lunch where I got “white pizza” that was supposed to have sour cream and yellow cheese. But it was also with red sauce. Interesting…Yummy. And I got European hot chocolate for dessert. After all of this we went to the Vero and grabbed some staples that we couldn’t get at the market, like bread and other stuff.

As we were wandering around I was able to snap some pictures of the town:

After all of this wandering we went back to the apartment and just hung out. They made BBQ chicken and watched some American football online. Dinner was sporadic but delicious. We got a squash and just cooked it in the oven covered with nothing added. So delicious! Food here is just so much better than food in America. The fruit and veggies just take so much more like they are supposed to! Also, the food is supposed to stay fresh longer than in the States, and we think that is due to the lack of pesticides and that they don’t ship everything around for months. But this is just a guess.

See you around the globe!

P.S- Oh by the way- they live above the "Super Mario Market"

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