Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Beach

 Guess where we went today? Yup, the beach! We took two buses, which took about an hour, stayed there for about 40 minutes, then came back. Seemed silly for such a short amount of time there.

To get to this specific beach, you take the number 59 (possibly also 60) in front of the “grey house” or (a few stops later) the train station. You get off at the end of the line, and follow the road until it ends. It is a bit of a hike, maybe a mile or mile and a half?

But you end up at a cooll little rock beack/outlet thingy with a light house! It is directly across from Russkii Island. It was pretty, a tad uncomfy to sit on due to the rocks, but still pretty.

We stayed there for about 30 min, and then went to get food at the little cafes. (and saw another wedding of course!)
Cant you just hear the pitiful little meows?

There was an adorable little 10 week old kitten or so that was there. I wanted to take it home.

Afterwards, we took the bus back to the train station, where we then walked back to the center. We were looking to buy some USB internet that is faster than the dorms and better. After walking by a protest against the killing of stray dogs, we entered a mall. (I think it might have even been their GUM.)

They have a Cinnabun…this will be in my future. They also have the Chocolate Café that I liked in Petersburg.

We ended up not buying internet, because our guide told us to wait until Monday to get the one at the university and see how fast it was. The USB drive cost 2,000RUB ($55) and the price is 400 RUB per month (or even higher, they had it up to 1,400/month) ($11.11).

Then we went to buy silver wear! I can cook with real cooking utinsils and cut things! WOOHOO!!!

Now to go use them…

See you around the globe!

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