Friday, September 5, 2014

Orientation to the RFE!

We started with a quick orientation(just vocal) of the dorm, we can supposedly exchange our sheets every week. And there is either a place to do our laundry ourselves or to have it done on the bottom floor for 50 RUB (under $2), this was lost in translation.

Then she showed us around the maze of this school. We filled out paperwork and listened to an orientation of the school. It is called “Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service” and is a weir dmixture between a “normal” college with only the political science department and a trade school. You can study banking, car mechanics, hairstyling, international relations, economics, etc…They even have their own bank, tourist office, car shop and “learn to drive” place.

We had about an 1 hour break, where we were able to go to a café and get some wifi!!! Then back to take a test of Russian language. I finished a bit early and went to get some food for later.

We took a “bus” tour of the city, by which I mean the bus dropped us off downtown, we walked around, then took a city bus back. We also got to take the Funicular. Which is, according to Lonely Planet, “a fun 60 second ride.” Seemed silly, but kinda fun.

We saw the center of town, including a walking street. Saw the triumphal arch, a few monuments, the underside of the Golden Horn Bridge, and 10 weddings. No joke. Taking pictures outside around your city is a Thing in Russia, and the weather was beautiful today.

We then took a city bus back to stop outside of a supermarket (the same one from last night), and I bought staples mostly, but a few veggies. Apparently the farmers market is downtown near the train station and a pain to get to.

The kitchens are super nice here, lots of burners and sinks. But no communal plates or sliver wear. (which if I had read the guide to Vlad, I would’ve known, but thought it would be like Irkutsk. Or at least easier to find silver wear…currently using plastic from the airport).

Our room is kind of like a suite:

Also, the trash is taken out by a cleaning lady, but I am not sure how often.

See you around the globe!

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