Friday, September 19, 2014

Russian House

The Russian House is a cultural house where you can experience a Russian Tea plus see tradtional clothing that women and men wore. As well as play with traditional toys.

The SRAS Americans went with a Japanese group that was on a study holiday.

Thi place was totally cool.

They first served us with bread and salt. Which sounds really weird, but totally works. Didn't hurt that the bread was absolutely yummy!

Then we had tea, black of course. But the fnny thing here was that those traditional Russian glass tea cups with the metal handles?

Those are only for men. Women weren't supposed to served tea in those. We got dainty teacups.

Then they showed us traditional costumes from different eras while playing classical Russian music.

Then the funny thing happened. They had Alek and a Korean girl get up and get dressed in traditional clothing, without telling them what was going on.

Well apparently they were getting "married"!

this was about when they figured it out!

One of the cute traditional toys was a cow that walks. I of course had to buy it. I can't stop giggling when I watch this wooden cow walk down a wooden plank. Don't ask why. Prorblly has to to with "It's Russia"

Just so you can understand the adorableness how crazy I am.

See you around the globe!

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