Thursday, September 18, 2014

Надежда/ Nfdezhda (Hope)

A story about this day on the VSUES website. (translate if needed)

The Nadezhda is the practicum ship for a local marine university, but it has something special- a cultural center!

We boarded the ship to what, at the time, appeared like an awkward clapping welcome thingy, but found out later that it is a customary greeting when boarding a ship like Nadezhda. We got to listen to a history of ship ship as well as explore all over!

We did an imptomtu "share the song of your country" where the only song the three Americas knew was the National Anthem (yay brainwashing!). So that happened. There is a video on Facebook for proof.

The ship was really really cool! Best explained in pics! We got to see the dorms, the classroom, the culture center, the officers quarters, and wander around up top. It was really interesting to see!

there was suddenly a sub!

 See you around the globe!

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Mama said...

Sounds like a great adventure! :-)