Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend of June 21st-22nd

On Saturday, we went to see the Angara Ice Breaker Museum. The Angra ice breaker ship is how people traversed Lake Baikal in the winter from the mid-1800s until the early 1900s. It’s also how they connected the Trans-Siberian Railway at first, you put the train on the ship and then shipped it across the lake (well, technically not the Angra, but the Baikal ship they had at the same time too).

A picture of it when it had sunk.
The ships were critical in the creation of the Trans-Siberian Railway. They were also used during the civil war in 1917-ealry 1920s between the Red and White armies in Russia. That war actually caused the sinking of the Baikal ship. When the railway was completed, the Angara was left to rot in a ship yard. In fact, it the 1960s, it even partially sank until the people donated money to save it and turn it into a semblance of a museum.

I say semblance because there wasn’t really any displays of information about the ship, unless you had a guide with you. And they didn’t keep it in “period dress.” However, it was definitely interesting! There was no barriers to climbing all over everything, and rusty metal pipes were just left out, mid repair.

The hold was kinda small, and I can’t imagine a bunch of people being stuck in there, but they say the ship could hold 1,000 people!

After the museum, we went to lunch at a nearby restaurant and then paddle boating, or as they say in Russian “driving on a katamaran” (we obviously have different definitions of what a catamaran is. However, Haley and I had a blast! We definitely want to do it again!

On Sunday, we relaxed and went to lay on the beach. I mean how often do you get to sunbathe in SIBERIA? (or get a sun burn.) It was a nice and relaxing day!

See you around the globe!

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