Tuesday, June 3, 2014

First Day of Classes

We had our placement test yesterday and BOY was it difficult! In general, I have problems with grammar regardless of the language. So I didn’t know what to expect.

We were each placed in one of three groups. I’m not sure what the actual group or level is supposed to be, we didn’t get any books or anything. My professor is nice, so far, and seems helpful. We talked about what we needed to learn and she decided to teach us about the city, how to shop, and how to get on transport.

We walked around the city, almost in the exact same fashion as the walking tour, and she pointed out interesting stuff to us while speaking in Russian the whole time and letting us practice our Russian. No homework tonight, but I expect some tomorrow.

I think we will need to buy a book, some of the other classes had to. We will have class from 8am-11:25 every day. Then (I think, we get the schedule tomorrow), we will have a history or ecological science course.  

See you around the globe!

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Mama said...

Interesting to have the walking tour in English and then to go around and hear about things in Russian. :-) Love.