Saturday, June 21, 2014

Decemberists Museum

The Decembrists were revolutionaries in Tsarist Russia. They staged a revolt on December 26 1825 against the tsar because they believed in equality for the peasants they had served with in the war against Napoleon. They essentially wanted a constitutional monarchy. 

The old kitchen
And like any failed revolutionaries in Russia, they were shipped to Siberia. They weren’t allowed to take anything with them, even their families. However, 12 of the 150 men’s wives decided to accompany them to Irkutsk. We see the house of one of those families.

Because Siberia is still so far from Moscow, they were able to create a little cultural capital in the wilderness (which it was at this time) during their hard slave like working conditions.  After the 3rd revolution in Russia, their sentences were reduced and they were able to just stay in Siberia and live. The family we visited (((THE NAME(((( brought in famous thinkers and musicians to their house to put on little shows.

It was an interesting museum, and to see the type of houses they had was just cool.

A sewing box

They had a greenhouse inside. With exotic plants!

After wards, Haley, Brandon, and I decided to go attempt to find Café Govinda, a VEGETARIAN restaurant in Irkutsk!

It took us a long time, and faulty directions to find it, but when we did was it yummy. It had an Indian feel, but wasn’t straight up Indian food. They had delicious dessert!

Then when we were waiting for the bus/eating ice cream, Haley and I got to see a little dance recital, because today was Russia Day/ their version of July 4th/a holiday that people only cared about since they got off of work for it. 

See you around the globe!

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