Sunday, June 15, 2014

When You Accidentally See a 4D movie

The weekend after the Baikal trip, we decided to go see a movie. We decided on The Edge of Tomorrow the new Tom Cruise movie about aliens invading because it was an action movie and this didn’t need a lot of dialogue.

However, we misunderstood that the one we were going to see was going to be 4D. We bought the tickets, which were about 100 RUB more than we expected or 400RUB/between $10-15. Then he popcorn and entered the theater, only to be handed 3D glasses.

At this point, I went, well crud. I don’t like 3D movies, they end up making me sick a bit.

Then. Oh then.

We sat down.

And the chairs vibrated.

**Read that sentence again. **

Then we started laughing.

The Russian movie had no previews and had already started when we got there. The movie itself was pretty good- interesting plot and new idea. Actually recommend you go rent it when it comes out.

However, almost 2 hours of vibrating seats whenever there was a tense movement or helicopters (which happened a lot it’s an action movie!) made you feel like you were just shook apart.

See you around the globe!

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