Monday, October 20, 2008

When we couldn't have accomplished less if we tried to

Casey and I started off the day with the lovely filling breakfast in the hotel dining room, and then went to the market nearby with Lauren. In the market, we must have obviously looked like American tourist, because the people would shout to us in English and they tried to grab Lauren and drag her into a booth. This resulted in me taking Lauren by the hand and telling the guy yelling at us in English that we don't speak English in Russian. Other than that it was a pleasent experience. This market had the cheapest nesting dolls that e had ever seen.

After the martket we went back to the hotel and packed up our bags, left them in the left luggage room and went with Scott to try to go to the Romanov Chambers (which showed how the romanovs lived before they became Tsars) and then to Gorky Park.

However, once we got to the Romanov Chambers they were closed with a sign saying "There are too many guest in the museum now, come back at 3pm" So we decided to go on to Gorky Park. Gorky Park is supposed to be a cool amusment park with lots of old statues of Communist leaders. In other words, it is supposed to be busy and fun.

It was dead. There were literally 4 other people in the park besides us. Only four. And no statues.

It was so funny at the time, we have awesome pictures of the "crowded" amusment park. And we spent about 10 minutes just laughing at the state of affairs of the park.

We then went to a really yummy mexican restraunt where I got totally delcious burritos. I then left to go meet Haliey to go to Vladimir by train.

We gave ourself plenty of time at the train station to figure things out and that was good, because the directions of the lady at the information booth were wrong. She said don't go through the gates, but we had too. It took us about 45 minutes to navigate the train station due to no signs and false directions (i think the directions just lost something in translation).

The train was nice. We were in 3rd class, which is basically just benches were you sit, but no one was in our "bench area" but us, so we got to relax.

Two and a half hours later: We arrived in Vladimir and tried to find our hotel, following the sign that the hotel had up. Which was wrong. So we went as I had memorized from Lonely Planet. That was right, but the street (karla Marka by the way) looked like a scene from a bad horror movie. *clears throat and begins in creppy story telling voice* It was after dark during the rainy season in Vladimir when two young ladies went down Karla Marka. There were very little street lights, and almost no sidewalk. It was still raining as the girls lugged their bags up the hill. The cars would slow down as they passed the girls, who hoped this was to not splash them with the water.*

All was safe and we found our hotel just find, and the hotel was nice and clean and quaint. They lady checking us in was nice and helpful.

Tomorrow we will explore Vladimir.

See you around the globe!

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