Friday, October 17, 2008

When I got to see a famous dead guy in the flesh...

So we went to Lenin's Masoleum this morning. It was creppy. There are like 20 guards in the dark, subterrianian building. Where you are not supposed to talk or put your hands in you pockets. So you enter the building and take a while for you eyes to adgust, and then !BAM! you yturn a corner and there is Lenin the mummy. It was very erry. I men try to picture George Washington laid out dressed up and still looking fresh. But even that picture does not descrube the creppy-ness. It is just weird. Then we got to walk past Salin and other USSR leaders and famous Russian (like the first man in space).

We then had a guided tour of the Kremlin. The Armoury museum is amazing. They have the largest collection of old carraiges, and British table wear. They also have tons of cool things from way back when like dresses and crowns and faberge eggs. They even have the Swedish King's personal bible that Peter the Great got when he made him run in a surprise atack. It took forever in this museum, we spnt like 4 or 5 hours here listening to our guide talk. It was very informative, but he did expound a little much on some things.

We then got to go see the old Churchs in the Kremlin (which in Russian is spelled Kremli-not sure how we got an "n" on the end) and got to see the 2nd larget bell in the world and a big canon.

And by the way- you are not allowed to take phos of FSB agents wh guard the street in the Kremlin. They call you over and make you delete the photo. Yes, this did occur. I thought "hey it willk be cool to ge a pictur of him wih Medleve's office in the back" It was, but I didn't get to keep the picture, I mean it does mke since you know kinda like you wouldn't want pics of a CIA agent on line-but didn't think of that before)

We went to Sbarro for lunch since it was close, and they had a retty good buffet. Then we explore "GUM" for a while. (the expensive store area that used o be a state department strore) And we went to a circus.

the circus was AWESOME! (well excpet the prts with animals, which I left during as not to see the abuse heaped upon them by the evil whipmaster. But the parts wih the acrobats and dncing people and clowns was totally cool! I got these dogunt things there that tasted just like Cafe Du Monde beginets.

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