Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Through Moscow to St. Petersburg

Had to get up really early because our train left at 7:30. It was fine, although much more crowded this time than on our way there.

On the train I saw something that showed just how cold it will be: There was front on the ground. In October.

Once in Moscow, we took the metro and went to the train station that we were leaving though that night to leave our luggage at a “Left Luggage” area. We then headed to the market by our hotel in Moscow, because they had the best prices on souvenirs. We ended up getting everything we needed to get there, instead of going to another shop on the other side of town.

We decided to go to the contemporary history museum. It was awesome. If you are every in Moscow, you need to go to this museum. (However, if you don’t speak Russian, you should get the audio guide. They do have a sheet in English that tells you about the room.) Haley and I tried to decipher everything. It went from tsarist times to Putin. They had a large collection of clothing and artifacts. Closer to our times they had a really cool map of the world according to Regan. It made us burst out laughing. Then the stuff about Putin and the oil companies was interesting. I think there was a door from the “white house” when Yeltsin attacked it. It had shattered glass and a sign on it that said “Journalist go to the 7th floor”

That killed five hours, without us even realizing it. We then went to dinner at a Lebanese restraint and had extremely lovely falafels. However, that only took about 1 hour. And we still had quite a few until our train left.

We were going to g back to the train station and get tea and coco there, but the metro was scarily packed out into the street so we decided to wait until after rush hour. We went to a “Coffee House” (its name) and got tea, hot coco, and ice cream. We then left to go back to the train station around 8ish for a train that left at 10:20.

Safely got there, got our luggage and waited. Then we finally got on about 10 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave. There was a sports team on there (our guess would be basketball, because they were all taller than Haley and I – that means over 6 feet).

We arrived safely in St. Petersburg and made it home in order to eat breakfast and go to bed.

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