Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We got up pretty early and ate breakfast at the Hotel Restraunt and then we went to explore, thinking it would take longer to get to places that it actually did. We have cool pictures of the first Catholic Church we found in Russia.

At 10 AM, we went inside the Golden Gates (that used to guard the city and are now just the center of a pretty roundabout. Inside there is a really cool miliraty museum, which only cost 15 roubles (or about 60 cents) to get into. It had lots of colthes and stuff from the Mongol invasion and then stuff from the communist era, including lots of cool propaganda posters. When we were almost done, the lady came up to us and told us that the diaroma was working and that we could go watch it in English. Which we did and it was cool. We learned about the "gallant" defenders of Vladimir that fought a "despert (sp? cant get spell check to work)battle" on every street.

Then we went to the Old Vladimir Exhibition in the water tower (that once was a water tower but now is not). It was so cool. THey had tons of stuff from the 1920's and before.

Next came the Family exhbit in the old Regional Duma. They had lots of wedding items and pictures. It was cool. There were old bassonets and posters.

We then went into the Church (don;t remember the technical name) and saw the coffin of Alexsander Nevsky (important person in Russian History).

All of this was under 1 USD.

Then had tradition russin lunch (chicken Kiev and veggies, and blini).

Suviner shopping and getting nighttime cold medecine at a drug store. It was thereflu! I had been fighting a cold for a while and it cumulated while on vacation of course! The lady was very nice even tho we didn't speak a lot of Russian.

That night was spent watching Russian TV and enjoying the cheapest pot of tea: 4 roubles for 6 cups.

See you around the globe!

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