Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Collection of …gross things.

Peter the Great claimed he was trying to fight superstition by gather a collection of weird things together to show people that superstition was not at fault. However, I just think the guy was off his rocker in more ways than one. I mean what ruler of a country would create the very first museum in a new “European style Great” city for preserved fetuses?

Which is what the “strange collection” consisted of. Not a large variety of odd and eclectic things as the guide books say but shelves and shelves of misshapen fetuses in formaldehyde. And to make it worse, they were painted had some of them had glass eyes.

However, the rest of the museum was kinda cool and the Globe was awesome! As a wedding present for someone, he ordered this globe that you could climb into and watch the “night sky” go around. It was pretty neat.

After wards, We went to The Idiot for lunch-dinner. Then we went to a market that everyone had said was “scary” and “confusing” and “horrible”.

I think they are crazy. It was none of those, but only cool and interesting. No one was mean like Moscow, and no one tried to make us get things like other places in St. Pete.

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