Thursday, February 9, 2012

saturday, saturday

On Saturday, we were getting ready to go to Italy mostly and finishing up around Skopje. We stopped off at the American Corner to pick up some travel books from Nevenka about Italy (since ours had not come in!). Then we drove to Tetovo in a combi (with one of the drivers that recognized me....I guess the random American girl who tries to speak Macedonian is memorable) to pick up Mama’s suits.

We then grabbed lunch at the delicious burek place. The guy remembered us and brought over an extra drink than we asked for. On our way home we caught a combi home. This one was a “15” passenger van. We had way more people this time! There was even a poor guy in the back where the luggage would go!!

When we got to Skopje, we were dropped off near the lion bridge. Then we bought a suitcase so Mama could take back some extra stuff I had picked up. We went home and went to Ramstore to get some stuff I needed around the house. One of the things I needed was light bulbs. The ones in my bedroom had been out for, oh, about a month. And then the lamp there died while Mama was there, so I really needed a new light bulb. And the one in the entry way was acting up too. The bulbs in the bedroom had no identification wattage on them. Nothing. But the single one in the hallway did. So we guessed at a lower wattage for the bedroom. But as soon as we put the bulb in the hallway one- it died. So apparently the wattage was wrong there. But it sure is nice to be able to see in my bedroom at night! (but at least the days are getting longer! )

For dinner we tried to go to Mechos- a pizza place/ traditional food place but they were closed! So we went to Pilister, the hotel restaurant on the square. I personally don’t really like their food. They are one of the most expensive places in town and the food is just not that good for the prices. But we were able to get Mama some ajvar. Ajvar is a red pepper spread that is baked, roasted, pounded, and cooked. Yea, a bit of overkill in my opinion, but who is to argue with tradition? And if you like red peppers, it taste pretty good.
See you around the globe!

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