Friday, February 10, 2012

Off to Venice (with Mama!)

On Sunday we were headed to VENICE! So excited to go see another country! We took it pretty slow this day, just trying to make sure everything was packed! We had to go de-register Mama with the police, then we went to get Hot Chocolate/palachinki.  Then it was to the airport (thanks Hyun!) and off to Venice via WizzAir.

For those of you who have never lived in Europe, they have these things called “budget airlines.” There is no real comparison budget ailine in the states. Some here are RyanAir and WizzAir, but there are others. They fly you from place to place packed in like Sardines for pretty cheap (30 Euro round trip to Venice or London from Skopje?). You do have to pay extra for ANY extra services (food, drink, checked luggage [sometimes this is more expensive than the ticket]). We decided to take advantage of the opportunity and go to Italy when my mom came to visit!

Upon arriving in Italy, we hopped the bus to go to the Piazzale Roma (AKA the bus station on the island). I sat next to this really nice Serbian lady pursuing her PhD in Climate Change in Venice. The hostel told us to call them when we got to the bus station and hopped on the public BOAT. Well, they didn’t pick up the phone the first 3 times we called. And then when we did, they were all “it’s going to take at least 30 minutes.”  Well, I was a bit aggravated. It was cold and we had all of our stuff. I mean, you could have told me to call earlier if it would take you that long! But a nice old man (read 70s or so) meet us at the boat stop about 30 minutes later and took us to the apartment. But this nice man couldn’t speak any English. But with my old dusty French skills and ways of thinking for the past 5 months in broken English we figured it out.

We went downstairs to the little restaurant that was like 10 feet from our entryway to eat. No need to explore when all we had to do was grab a quick bite to eat and crash! the food was pretty good, a bit on the expensive side, but still pretty good. We had....ITALIAN food, how’d you know? Pizza and one of those wrapped pasta things with stuff in it? (the word escapes me right now). Also a delicious chocolate desssert.

Then sleep. nice nice sleep in a nice dark room due to shutters!

see you around the globe!
P.S- there are no pictures on this post, since we only used my mom's camera and since she is in the US, can't get the pictures....

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