Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama in Tetovo!

On Monday we went to Tetovo! Mama wanted to get a few suits made at this awesome tailor that I know.

So we visited him and then wandered towards the university seeing the sights of Tetovo as we went. Mostly the little art gallery in an old Turkish bath and the painted mosque.

We were supposed to meet Jen and Lizzie at 12:30 for burek, but we were super early, so we decided to walk to SEEU to meet them, since they were going to take a taxi to meet us there. We hung out at the university for a bit, then tried to taxi down to the center. We had to take a random detour for no reason that we knew of. And then the taxi driver ripped us off and didn’t even take us where we wanted to go. But we got delicious burek!

After lunch, Jen and Lizzie went to the tailor and we tried to make it to the top of the fortress. I use the word tried because we didn’t make it. The road was too icy for the car to make it up the mountain. The taxi driver was super nice! He told us about the history of Tetovo and where the Albanians and Macedonians live. He was telling us how the Albanians have no money to live in the big houses that the Macedonians live in on the mountain. We got some good pictures of the town of Tetovo.

We then had the guy take us back down to the bus station where we caught the bus leaving about 5 minutes after we got to the station!

When we got back to Skopje, we rode to the bus station so that we could walk back looking at new sights. After we stopped off at the apartment we went to Gusto’s! Ask any of the people that I bring to Gusto’s it has AMAZING cheese dip. Delicious rockfort cheese dip as well as delicious veggies risotto!

See the cheese dip?

Then home where we relaxed and went to bed.

See you around the globe!

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