Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"That is cute"

"That is cute" should top the list of things you don't want to hear your professor say to your attempts to learn a language. 

Ah, yes, I was the recipient of this phrase today.

Apparently, transliterating roman letter English words to Cyrillic Macedonian = weird.

I was trying to say Los Angeles. I spelled "Лозанѓелез" because New York is one word in Macedonian, so I figured so was Los Angeles. 


"Лозанѓелез" transliterates to "loz angeelez". That was my attempt. Pretty good eh?

The correct transliteration is "Лос Ангелес" "los angeles" or rather literally transliterated. But my name is not that way, nor are many other words, so why would this Honors College student choose the easy way out?

However, we (the class) got a good laugh out of "That is cute."

Also, I ordered Macedonian letters to stick on my keyboard, so I can stop miessing up my "h" and "n"s in Macedonian. (As you may remember, a Macedonian "n" looks like "H").

Also learned how to recruit a spy as a CIA foreign operative. But I'd have to kill you if I told you (but then how did you learn, you may be wondering to yourself. Well, I attended a lecture thankyouverymuch) 

Oh, it's not nice to tease you like that? Ok, 

We first you SPOT a possible target, then you ASSESS the target, then you DEVELOP a friendship with the target, then you TURN the target, followed by HANDLING (dealing wiht them and getting them to give you information) and the you TERMINATE them. No that doesn't mean kill them, it means fire them, as gracefully as you can. 

Basically that was it, but it was by Gene Coyle, a IU professor that used to work at the CIA. While working undercover at te US State Department (did you know, he didn't have to even pass the Foreign Service Officer's Test?!?!?!?)

See you around the globe!!

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