Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The one where you find your professor at the peasant disco.

So, there is this Cafe Called Rachel's Cafe that hosts an annual "disco" called The Peasant's Disco that plays Eastern European music for SWSEEL kids. My professor told me about it, so I decided to go. It was a lot of fun!

I hung out with a bunch of different students from different language levels. and ended up walking towards the Cafe with these other 5 students that I happened to meet in the lobby! Now, I couldn't tell you what their names were or what they were studying, but they were nice people! lol

Now to the juicy part my dear readers! While my professor was the one that told me about it, it is interesting to note that  I have never seen a professor of mine at a bar! So it is a first for everything. :)

Sunday was spent doing homework and relaxing, something I am still not used to.

There was a wonderfully enlightening lecture on the feild of study of communism. The best thing was some quotes at the beginning.

"You might find yourself working in the communist field."

On remembering communism from people that are in their mid 30s: "Yes, I remember communism, that is when I couldn't have chocolate!"

See you around the globe!

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lily said...

Sawasdee ka!
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