Monday, June 20, 2011


Or rather "hello!" in Macedonian.

We learned some words today, as well as common greetings. You might get to learn some Macedonian if you stay around here long enough.

So, as I have mentioned before, the alphabet is in Cyrillic. Here are your "ABV's"

А Б В  Г  Д   Ѓ   Е   Ж  З  Ѕ   И   Ј К Л    Љ     М  Н  Њ  О П Р С Т   Ќ  У Ф   Х   Ц   Ч   Џ  Ш
A B V G  D  Gy  E  Zh  Z Dz   I  Y K L (soft l)  M  N  Ny O P R S T  Ky  U F  Kh  Ts  Ch  J  Sh

Or to help you out watch this YouTube video of some 80s kids show with an alphabet song!

A wee bit fast eh?

After official class we had a conversation hour which consisted of us talking over lunch about the language. We learned some new words. Like "protocol" means "orange." Yes you read that correct,apparently it comes from the Greek. We ended up making it a Conversation Hours (2) because we just started talking about politics and such. Eventually we will be speaking in Macedonian during this hour, but not yet.

Later today, I had to go to a Title VIII meeting, because some of my funding is from Title 8, actually all of it is. Title 8 was created to prepare young scholars in the former USSR/Eastern Block languages to learn about a foreign language for future "on the ground" activities. Apparently this is a big deal, and its AWESOME that I got it. I didn't know this however, I was just happy to get a full ride, but know I know.

At this meeting I met Adam, a 2011-2012 Fulbright-er to Moldova. (see below) He will be studying a minority group there. We will be attending the PDO together. and hopefully hanging out before then, because he has lived in Bloomington for 10 years now, and hopefully can tell me the good places to go!

Then, due to the nerd in me, I went to a library resources for central Eurasian studies. (which sounded better than the lecture in Russian on "Linguistic Means of Sentence Deauthorization in English and Belarusian Academic and Newspaper Texts" in Russian, which I don't even know what it mean in English!) The Library has (drum roll please) mostly focused in humanities and social sciences.

  • 8 million books in
  • over 900 libraries
  • 7,000 databases
  • 60, 000 journals
  • 8,500 e-books.


Double WOW!

But they have some awesome resources there that will hopefully let me get a jump start on Fulbright research.

See you around the globe! or rather: чао!

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