Thursday, September 4, 2008

Internet Fisaco

So, internet is apparently a promlem here, at least to get it reliablly is. We were supposed to have it last night but, that didn't work at all for half of the group. I think the plug in my room is messed up or something, because my id works on other computers, but not in my room.

Oh well.

We went to the hermitage yesterday and it was totally AWESOME!!! It is a gigantic art gallery that has 2 orgional Da Vinci (I have now seen 3 of the 10 known Da Vincis for sure--that should become another goal). The place is huge. We went on a 2 hour guided tour and only saw about 1/3 or less of the paintings and other stuff. I can't wait to go back on my own.

Afterwards, four of us went out to dinner at an Italian/Russian restraunt that was pricy but really good. We then stopped by a bakery and I got a "billinare" which is basically a jam filled doughnut with powered sugar on it. YUMMY! We took the metro back, which was kinda confusing, but we made it in one poiece. We go to Peterhof on Saturday.

I have been taking Russian for 4 days now. I knda of know the alphabet and how to say it, but I'm learning print and cursive at the same time so it is kinda confusing. Wait, its really confusing, but slowing getting the hang of it now. The words I know, I know well (of and by the way they use the word "bill" for the check here).

See ya around the globe!

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