Sunday, August 31, 2008


We arrived in London on the 28th and then the 4 of us that we picked up at the airport together (Kori, Josh, and Chris) went exploring in South Kensington bough. This is apparently the rich district of London (which houses parliament and all). Then a bunch of us (read 11) went out to dinner and 1 club (which looked the same as what one sees in the movies). The dinner was at Noonans (?) and it was Portuguese. It wasn’t that great. However the next night we went to Khans of Kensington and that was WONDERFUL).

On Friday the 29th, we took a bus tour to all of London and witnessed the changing of the guards. We drove by the Tower Bridge and London Bridge.

Other Places we drove by:

St. Paul’s Cathedral
Fleet St.
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abby
Duruy Lane
Covent Gardens
Hyde Park
The place where the Queen was born
The US, Canada, and South African consulates
Trafalgar Square
And so much more

Kori and I then did a tour of Buckingham Palace State Rooms (we got to see the dining room and about 6 sitting rooms) it was so cool. However, we couldn’t take any pictures for security reasons. We also walked to Big Ben and Westminster Abby to get better pictures. After the tour we talked back to the hotel via Hyde/Kensington Park and saw Kensington Palace (we couldn’t go in though)

The flight to St. Peter was 3 hours, but otherwise okay.

See ya’ll around the globe!

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