Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Getting a cell phone...

So I got a cell phone today...

that was kind of fun, there were 10 of us (or a few more, not exactly sure). We went to the same place that we had gotton our phone cards from.

To get s SIM card and the cheapest phone they had cost 1, 570 Roubles or ($63) with a $6 credit to call and send messages. Right now I only have our Directors phone number in there, but I will eventually go around and get others numbers.

It took a long time because the SIM cards he origionally gave us, didn't work so he had to give other SIM cards to us. He then activated my phone.

My number is 8(963) 343 59 95

however if you call it is going to cost me 35 Roubles/minte (we think, it could be more) so only call if you really need me.

See you all around the globe...

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