Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In NYC!!!

So I'm currently in NYC ...well I'm really in a Fairfield in In Jamicia, but oh well...NYC it is! Today's adventure, boys and girls, began at 4 AM CT. OH what fun! It then involved a 45 minute drive to the airport and flights from 6:35 AM CT until 4:20 pm ET. However, I got to wait over an hour for my bags to reach me past security. :) I then got to walk to NYC AirTrain and take it to the Hotel Shuttle area, where I waited for 10 min or so (really quite good I suppose).

The hotel staff was really nice. Dinner was passable, good but not great.

However, the fun the hour tai cab ride I took to CVS to get something I needed but forgot! It cost $60!!! Which is more than they quoted me on the phone, so the poor cabbie got stiffed on his tip. I got to ride through areas that I'm not sure as a single white female I would have been safe (read projects with bars on the windows and a "Truck club" with snazzy SUV outside of it and gangbanger beside them), but it was okay to view it from the car.

Off now to enjoy my $208 bedroom, which is extremly small by the way...

See you around!

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