Sunday, August 31, 2008

Travel to NYC

Wed, August 27th

Today was uneventful. I got up early, for some reason, and lounged around until I went to breakfast. Then I lunged around some more. Finally left for the airport around 1pm (which was the only time the shuttle would leave to get me to the airport on time). I got through security, but had fun doing it.

I was chosen for a “Secondary Check, no Alarm” (to quote the security guy). I think it was because I/AIFS bought my ticket so late and/or I checked in so early. Anyway, I had to be patted down and my bags wiped down. Once when she did it, the little indicator light turned red and se had to call the guy in charge over to “fix the machine” as she wiped the backpack again. As you can tell, I got through (no Megan, I am not purloining a WiFi signal as I sit in TSA jail).

Then I went shopping and spent $15.74 on lunch. It was a Panini, box-o-fruit, and a bottle of H2O. It was filling and I guess spending under $20 for lunch for one day is great! Now I get to laze around to airport and wait (w/o internet, thankyouverymuchMr.mean BritishArwaysguy). Only 5 hours until my flight leaves!

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