Friday, November 28, 2008

Stairs and Hopefully the most Adventful Thanksgiving of my life!

On Nov 26th in the morning I fell/rolled down a flight of stairs and smashed my head into the metal railing. I went to the clinic on campus and the cleaned me up. I had gauze on my nose and over my eye.

The Resident Director and I agreed that I might have a concussion and should go to the international clinic/hospital. I got an appointment for 6:30 Wed night. When I got there they re-looked at my injuries on my head and decided that the one over my eye (on my eyebrow near the bridge of my nose) needed four stitches.

***getting stitches in Russia***
I had to lie down on a table and was cover with gauze. Then the nurse put guaze over under my head. The doctor and nurse then put on surgical masks and head coverings. The doctor then told me to close my eyes because the light would be bright. He then proceeds to turn on a surgical light. They then placed a piece of cotton over my eyes and a sheet over my face except where he would be stiching.
then they started stitching!

I then saw a neurologist, who determined that I had a concussion and wanted to do an MRI of me, but the MRI couldn't be until tomorrow. But then he decided that he wanted to admit me. This is apparently normal in Russia.

Once I was admitted I could immediately get an MRI. That was fun. However, in Russia you can get the results right away. The technician told me that it was normal.

I eventually (after dealing with the annoying people at reception who wanted $2,000 before I could be admitted --which insurance that I have is supposed to cover every thing without me paying anything up front) was brought to the coolest hospital room I have ever been in.

It had a nice bed, balcony, flat screen TV, mini fridge, and tolitries in the bathroom.

A new neurologist came in later and told me that the MRI was normal and that I should be able to go home in the morning.

Eventually I got dinner.

After dinner, I got 200 ml of saline solution, which kept me up until 2:30 in the morning, because the nurse wanted the lights on. That was the most painful IV I have ever had!

When I got up at 5:30ish, because it is hard to sleep when you can't bend one arm and there is shooting pain. Watched Tv until 9ish when a new head doctor came in and told me that I wouldn't be able to leave until at least the next 200 ml of saline solution had been delivered. She seemed surprised that I wanted to leave.

Got breakfast (which was yummy) and laid around and waited. And waited. And Waited.

Had blood drawn and then an EKG. (which was normal)

Finally at 12:15 a nurse came in and told me to get in the wheelchair and took me to an eye doctor. the eye doctor did a lot of things checking my vision. It appears that I have some old scar tissue next to my left retina that could eventually (with more trauma to the head) cause retinal detachment.

Went back to my room and the head doctor came in again. She told me that I was getting released, because it was a mild case. However, since in russia they usually keep people with concussions for 5 to 10 days i had to sign a "against medical advice" form. Then the eye doctor came back in and wanted to get an ultrasound of my eye (because she hadn't been able to get a real good look at the retina) just to make sure. That turned out normal.

Then I was able to get discharged. Asked the reception to call me a cab. And went downstairs to get the prescriptions (a pain killer and two hefty vitamins). Then waited for the cab. It took almost an hour to get here!!!!

Went back to my homestay, showered and left for Thanksgiving dinner at "The Other Side." It is a restaurant owned by an American expat. Instead of turkey, I got falafels. We had mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, corn, brussel sprouts, I got babganosh (no idea) instead of stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce. For desert we had a different pumpkin pie with three layers that if eaten together tasted like pie, but without didn’t. It also had almonds in it.

Then went home and crashed!

Feeling a little better today, and have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning at 9AM.

See you around the globe!

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