Monday, November 24, 2008

Hermitage and Church

Woke up after the night of no heat to discover a huge snow storm with really big winds! I could see it whipping the snow around outside. And couldn’t see across the street! I had been planning to go to the navy base (on an island) but decided not to based on the oh so lovely weather. However, the heat and hot water were back on. (I think the heat is hot water heat though pipes that are to radiate heat.)

Decided to go to the Hermitage and Alexander Nevsky Monastery instead of an island during a snow storm. Spent quite a few hours at the Hermitage with Casey and Jess. It was snowing when we went in (think pelting ice in your face!).

However, when we got out, it had warmed up and was currently raining. This turns the streets of St. Petersburg into rivers. Literally. We then figured out that our winter boots were only water resistant NOT water proof.

However the Russian Orthdox church service was beautiful. The priest (father? Bishop? Whatever they call them) stood up there and chanted. I think it might have been Psalms or such because every now and then I would hear numbers I understood.

We then waded home to the warm cozy apartments.

See y’all around the globe!

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