Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Week Between Travel Part one

The week between Greece and our Road Trip was a bit relaxed. I just rested up, tried to get some stuff finished and worked. Including getting a TB test here!

For Teach For America, you have to have a TB test to work in Chicago Public Schools, where I will be student teaching over the summer. Now, in the US, you can basically walk into any doctors office and get one done. Not the case in MK. You can literally only go to the State Clinic at the Institute for Lung Diseases and TB. I had to wander around the massive state hospital grounds to find the right building. And ask three different people for directions. Luckily, I spoke enough MK and the nurse enough English that she understood I needed a TB test for school. She was able to do it for me. It only cost 600 MKD (13 USD). Then I had to go back on Thursday to have it read. (Which upped the price because it involved two cab rides from work, but I digress.) Then later that day I had to go over to Daniel & Anjies house to scan this paperwork to get it into TFA before June 1. Technically it was supposed to be by April 17, but I basically told them (when they never answered an email [our only means of communication)] that the deadline was impossible. Just plain impossible. They then said I could scan them and email them to them, which I did and crisis adverted!

Justin, Lizzie, and Jen came into town on Thursday afternoon so we could leave bright and early the next day for our road trip. We had dinner with Aryn at our favorite Macedonian restaurant in Skopje- Kaj Cedarot! Yummy food, AMAZING prices and a wonderful friendly owner. It was nice to hang out with them.

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