Saturday, August 20, 2011

And let me introduce you to:

Naum, Jen, Lizzie, Cassidy, Daniel

The Macedonian 2011-2012 Fulbrighters. There are five of us, which is the largest cohort ever (according to last year’s cohort)! There are two researchers, two ETAs (English Teaching Assistantships), and one Scholar/lecturer.

Since you already know one of the researchers (AKA me) let me introduce you to Daniel. Daniel will be researching the Aegean Macedonians who “were kicked out of Greece”/ "emigrated from Aegean Macedonia in the 19th century” and went to other parts of the Soviet Union, and then many came and settled in Macedonia. He will be working with Navocomes, a group of them that get together, learning about their history, stories, and why they chose to go where they did. His wife and two children will be coming with him. He has two children, 4 and ~15 months. He will be located in Skopje, like me. He was born in the UK, and emigrated to the US when he was older. He is an American citizen (you have to be to get a Fulbright). He is studying at Arizona State University for his PhD. This is his (wives) blog.

The scholar/lecturer is Naum. He will be lecturing about dramatic arts in Skopje. He is originally Macedonian. He spent 40 years in Skopje, then came to the US on a Fulbright Student Program from another country. He then has spent 27 years in the US. This is his first long time extended stay back in Macedonia.

The two ETAs:

Jen: She will be located in Tetovo. She is a Special Education teacher in Nebraska during her normal life and has been for the past 6 years. She received a one year sabbatical from her contract in Nebraska for the Fulbright. She has never been abroad (unless you count Mexico, then she has). Her blog is here.

Lizzie: She will be based in Bitola. She has a degree in library information and currently lives in Illinois. She will be working on a few different projects, but hasn't settled on just one quite yet. More later. She is not maintaining a blog as of yet.

See you around the globe!

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